Toronto Fire Current Calls

Medical - Unconscious
Toronto [21/09 21:57:19]
Dundas St
(b/w Sherbourne St & Oskenonton Lane)
Medical - Assist
Etobicoke [21/09 21:57:21]
West Deane Valley Rd
(b/w Hallfield Rd & Mimico Creek Trl)
Vehicle - Personal Injury Highway
East York [21/09 21:39:53]
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GTA News

Arctic ice will soon reclaim the Franklin wreck once more #topstories
21/09 09:42PM [27 min.]
Death of community fixture leaves his black Lab homeless #topstories
21/09 09:42PM [27 min.]
RT @Sportsnet For the #BlueJays, the road is where the heartache is @ShiDavidi
21/09 09:41PM [29 min.]
Check out @RGriffinStar's preview of the upcoming @BlueJays vs. @mariners four-game series.
21/09 09:30PM [40 min.]
Olivia Chow and John Tory traded barbs at rival news conferences today. #TOpoli
21/09 09:10PM [60 min.]
Bus overturns Sunday afternoon in Delaware, leaving several people injured
21/09 09:09PM [61 min.]
After 32-day campaign on jobs, New Brunswick voters to polls Monday
21/09 09:08PM [62 min.]
Joe Oliver urges weaker G20 economies to follow Canada's stimulus model
21/09 09:03PM [67 min.]
For many in Ford Nation, Doug Ford is simply Rob Ford without the crack pipe, writes Dan Rath.
21/09 08:50PM [80 min.]
Toronto book lovers shrug off storms at @torontoWOTS
21/09 08:45PM [85 min.]
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World News

Multiple explosions kill 2 people and injure many others, China's western Xinjiang region says
21/09 10:04PM [6 min.]
Update: 2 dead, many injured after series of explosions hit various locations in Xinjiang's Luntai County, Chinese media says - @SCMP_News
21/09 09:44PM [26 min.]
Sierra Leone hails three-day curfew aimed at identifying new #Ebola victims a "huge success"
21/09 09:40PM [30 min.]
Two people killed, others injured in series of blasts in China's Xinjiang region, state news agency says
21/09 09:36PM [34 min.]
Among #AP10Things to Know: 100,000 Syrians flood Turkey; more than 100,000 attend NYC climate change march
21/09 09:30PM [40 min.]
You can beat up on "America's Funniest Home Videos" all you want. It will get the last laugh
21/09 09:28PM [42 min.]
Heirs to an Oil Fortune Join the Divestment Movement
21/09 09:27PM [43 min.]
Kerry meets with Iran foreign minister on nuclear program
21/09 09:16PM [54 min.]
A day behind the scenes at NYC's Metropolitan Opera (Photo: Sara Krulwich/NYT)
21/09 09:15PM [55 min.]
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Arab nations need to help in ISIS fight
21/09 09:05PM [65 min.]
Pa. police say rifle left in woods by ambush suspect was found and they believe they're hot on his trail
21/09 09:00PM [70 min.]
The NYT attempted to calculate the number of times Derek Jeter swung a bat in his career
21/09 08:55PM [75 min.]
Officials contact 75% of the targeted 1.5 million households in Sierra Leone to educate people on deadly Ebola virus.
21/09 08:51PM [79 min.]
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